Szeged Contemporary Ballet: Carmina Burana

Dance play in one act. Premiere date: 19 October 2023.

We glimpse into the ritualistic lives of a barbaric community struggling to survive in the ruins of civilization, fighting their fears and guided by their instincts to survive what Fate has thrown at them. A Fate that sometimes brings them good, joy, love, sometimes sorrow and death. A girl who has been given a short life can feel happy for a moment, and the feeling of love, which makes her forget all the bad things, makes her believe that life can be different and better. But Fortuna is tricky and cruel, she doesn't care about the beauty of the moment. As they experience disappointments, joys and fears, they all learn more and more about themselves, their destiny, their potential - their humanity.
(Tamás Juronics)


Girl: Désirée Bazzani
Boy: Vincze Lotár
Death: Tamás Juronics

and the dancers of the Szeged Contemporary Ballet:
Vencel Csetényi, Gergely Czár, Petra Bocsi, Adam Bobák, Róbert Kiss, Nier Janka, Diletta Ranuzzi, Francesco Totaro, Diletta Savini, Dusana Heráková, Letizia Melchiorre, Miriam Munno

Music by Carl Orff
Set design by Tamás Juronics
Costume design by Bianca Imelda Jeremias
Lighting by Ferenc Stadler
Choreography by Tamás Juronics
Ballet Director: András Pataki
Artistic Director: Tamás Juronics

Balatonfüred Congress Center